Yateley Industries can provide in work support for people with disabilities or specific health conditions via the DWP Access to Work Scheme.

Supported Employment

Support in the workplace can be customised to the individual needs of each client to provide the best support for them to fulfil their job role. Both the client and employee need to be fully supportive of this and be willing to work alongside us to create a support plan.

An initial assessment would determine the support needed and determine:

  • The tasks that the client is able to undertake independently without a support worker.
  • What tasks the client would require a support worker for and what the support worker would do to enable them to do the job.
  • What the support worker will do to support the customer

Ideally, it is preferred that the support lasts for a maximum of 26 weeks and tapers off during the period. Sometimes we agree an extension of up to 13 weeks if the need for further intensive support has been clearly identified with the customer and job coach. In some instances, however support plans can be longer in length.


We work within the government guidelines for Access to Work. Please visit the UK Government website here for full details

To receive support through Access to Work (AtW) the customer must:

  • Be disabled, have an illness or a health condition that impacts on their ability to work.
  • Be 16 or over (there’s no upper age limit for support as long as employment is likely to continue)
  • Have the right to work in Great Britain.
  • Additionally, the customer must be employed, self-employed or about to start employment.

This can be full or part-time work, whether permanent, casual or temporary

Customers in receipt of certain benefits are not normally able to get AtW. These benefits are:

  • Incapacity Benefit (IB), including the award of National Insurance credits only.
  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA) including the award of National Insurance credits only.
  • Severe Disability Allowance
  • Income Support paid as a result of illness.

Exceptions to the above are where the customer:

  • Is going for an interview, or
  • Is starting a Work Trial, or
  • Has a job to start, and will stop claiming when employment begins or
  • Has a permitted work decision where AtW will consider in work support.

Note: There’s no upper age limit for support as long as the employment is likely to continue.

If the customer is in or about to start paid employment, you must confirm that they will be paid at least the National Minimum Wage.


If you would like to enquire about any of our services, then please contact us on: –

info@yateleyindustries.net or 01252 872337


Living at Yateley

At Yateley, we can provide accommodation for disabled adults. There is a variety of residential housing units available and some of our residents have been living with us for over 30 years. You can either contact us directly or via a Social Worker to find out more about living at Yateley.

Working at Yateley

Our factory at Yateley provides a safe and friendly environment where adults with disabilities can work and be part of a team. We value all our employees and provide support and encouragement for people to reach their potential at work.

Commercial Services

Our workshop at Yateley has specialised packing and cutting machines and we can provide shrink wrapping, packaging or light assembly services. Some of our projects have included bottling glue, packing hair products, assembling small motor parts or lighting components, labelling CDs and mailshots.

Supported Employment

We can help adults with disabilities or health conditions to find work. We have a specialist team who can work with employers and clients to provide support for their individual needs. Clients must meet the criteria for eligibility to access the scheme.

Helping Hands

Our charity shop is based on the High Street at Hartley Witney, all profits go to Yateley Industries. We welcome donations of clothes and household items, including books and games. Come along and shop or chat with us about volunteering opportunities.

Community Pantry

Our Community Pantry is available to anyone who needs support with their weekly grocery shop. No referral is needed to become a member and pay a small weekly fee to receive at least 10 items of groceries, including fresh fruit and vegetables and some household items. The pantry is stocked by donations from local supermarkets and staffed by volunteers.

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