Yateley Industries was set up almost 80 years ago to provide opportunities for adults with disabilities.

About Us

At Yateley Industries the aim is to provide increased opportunity for each individual to have access to work and accommodation that allows them to fulfil their own potential.

In our supported workshop we can provide essential, tailored support for adults with disability that can help them adapt to a new role or home. Some of our residents and factory staff have been with us for many years and enjoy the comfort of being in their own home and the rewards of a long term job.

Our History

1924 Jessie Brown, an orthopaedic nurse, went to Nepal to nurse the daughter of a Maharajah. For the next ten years contact was maintained until the death of the Princess Nani in 1934. Then Jessie returned to Yateley to nurse her ageing mother. It was at this point that Jessie began a project to combine the craft of block printing as seen in India, with after care for disabled girls.

With the help of Grace Finch, a friend whom she has nursed through polio, Jessie set up a small workshop in an outbuilding in the grounds of her Yateley house. Grace Finch struggled to learn the techniques of hand block printing from a selection of fabric samples brought back from India and Nepal. The experiment was successful enough to secure backing to set up a small hostel and workshop for 8 girls which was opened in 1937.

Unfortunately, things came to a halt at the outbreak of the war, but started up again shortly afterwards in 1948 with a new workshop building opening in 1952 followed by the bungalows in 1956 and having charity status in 1963. This created the Yateley Industries estate as we know it today.

Over the years Yateley Industries has progressed and flourished into a thriving organisation providing an invaluable service to the entire spectrum of vulnerable and disabled people. In the early 1980’s men were given the opportunity to work at Yateley.


Living at Yateley

Welcome to Yateley, where we provide dedicated accommodation for disabled adults. Our range of residential housing units caters to diverse needs, and some of our residents have been part of our community for over 30 years. Whether you’re interested in joining us or exploring options for a loved one, contact us directly or connect with us through a Social Worker to learn more about the supportive environment we offer.

Working at Yateley

Discover a safe and friendly working environment at our supported factory in Yateley. Here, disabled adults can engage in meaningful work, receive fair compensation, and be part of a fantastic team. We value the contribution of each employee and provide Job Coaching support to ensure everyone reaches their full potential at work.

Commercial Services

Yateley’s workshop boasts specialised packing and cutting machines, offering a range of commercial services. From shrink wrapping to packaging, light assembly and more, our team is equipped for diverse projects. We’ve handled tasks such as bottling, assembling motor parts, lighting components, door furniture, mailshots and building luxury hampers. Explore how we can meet your commercial needs with competitive pricing.

Job Coach Service

Empowering disabled adults to find and maintain work is at the core of our Job Coach Service. Our specialist team collaborates closely with employers and their employees, suggesting and implementing equitable adjustments. We provide bespoke support tailored to individual needs, fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Community Hub

Discover the versatile spaces at Yateley Industries’ Community Hub, perfect for any occasion. From the spacious Great Hall to the cosy Café Space and professional Meeting Room, we cater to diverse needs. Contact us for a personalised tour and comprehensive price list. Let us make your event a success at our accessible and refurbished facilities.

Community Pantry

Our pantry is testament to our commitment to supporting the wider community. Open to all without the need for a referral, members pay £5 and receive groceries worth at least £15, including fresh produce and household items. Staffed by volunteers and stocked through donations from local people and local supermarkets, the pantry is a collaborative community effort.

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